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Raffles and Costume Contest!

After Party!

After Convention Costume Party.


Rob Hunter Comic book artist with DC Comics.

Rob Hunter

Comic book artist with DC Comics with over twenty years experience working with the major comic book publishers within the United States.

Elliot Fernandez

Elliot Fernandez

I design t-shirts but I’ve been drawing superheroes since I can remember. I specialize in Digital and Traditional Illustration, Graphic Design, Character Creation

Jamie Jones Comic artist.

Jamie Jones

Comic artist, DODGER, LUCHA UNDERGROUND, FIVE GHOSTS. Joey Ryan: Big in Japan! Creator of The Whisper exclusively on Patreon.

Brain Knobbs an American professional wrestler

Brain Knobbs

An American professional wrestler, best known as one half of the tag team The Nasty Boys along with Jerry Sags.

John Crowther writer and creator of Rochelle.

John Crowther

John E. Crowther, a Central Florida native and attorney by trade, is the writer and creator of the captivating new series from Antarctic Press, Rochelle, the story of teenage superhero infused with cockroach DNA. He is also the writer of two new miniseries from Inverse Press: Nikolai, the authorized autobiographical series on the life of WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, NIkolai Volkoff, and The Killer Bees, the upcoming authorized autobiographical series on the lives of WWE legendary tag team wrestlers, B. Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell.

Roland Mann is a writer, professor, speaker and editor.

Roland Mann

Roland Mann is a writer, professor, speaker and editor. As writer, he is best known for his work on Cat & Mouse, a comic which ran for nearly two years, garnered critical acclaim and led Roland to other work. Other titles Roland wrote include Rocket Ranger, Miss Fury, Planet of the Apes: Blood of the Apes, Krey and Demon’s Tails.

Barry & Jenni Gregory

Barry & Jenni Gregory

CBCS certification and grading services for comic books.


Proud provider of certification and grading services for collectors and hobbyist in the comic book industry.

Tiffany Mitchell Designs

Tiffany Mitchell Designs

Everything from cards to jewelry to molded crayons. Everything is handmade and I’m happy to work with you to create custom items just for you!

Pride 'N' Envy Tattoos

Pride 'N' Envy Tattoos

We’ve built our reputation on designing tattoos and doing piercings with an emphasis on quality and a dedication to helpful customer service.


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