Infinity Convention August 24-25 2019


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Paul Mounts

Paul Mounts is a Harvey Award-nominated comic book colorist who’s worked for almost every major comic publisher in his over 20-year career. Past projects include Marvel’s The Ultimates, an acclaimed stint on Power Girl for DC, and Tellos for Image. After finishing Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre for DC and a record-setting 130+ issue run on Fantastic Four, he is now working on X-Men for Marvel and Harley Quinn for DC, as well as several new projects yet to be publicly announced.

Jonboy Meyers

An Illustrator and Concept Designer for Toys, Video Games, Comic Books, Film and Animation. Some of his current works are Concept and Design For Riot Games’ LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Property, Rebooting SPAWN with Todd Mcfarlane, Rebooting TEEN TITANS for DC Comics, and Rebooting INHUMANS with Al Ewing for Marvel Comics.

Roland Mann

Roland Mann is a writer, editor, speaker, and professor. As writer, he is best known for co-creating and writing the comic series Cat & Mouse. Roland wrote several other creator owned series, including Krey, Demon’s Tails, Switchblade and Tiny. As editor, Roland is best known for his work at Malibu/Marvel Comics where he edited a host of titles only comic geeks know—except for Wolverine. He is also Editor and Publisher of Silverline, a line of independent comics began in the late 90s now in resurgence.

John Martino

John Martino is an actor and singer. Best known for his role as “Paulie Gatto” in the epic “The Godfather” movie and a hit song called “Baby Sitting Baby”. 

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones is a comic book artist.  He has created independent  titles “The Baboon”, “The Whisper”, as well contributing to “Monkeys Fighting Robots”. 

Lance Footer

 Lance was born with two things: an art talent & non-corrective low vision. Lance doesn’t want to inspire, he wants to motivate others with the same disability as him.

Lance has just completed two covers for Cavewoman Comics.  He is best known for his detailed work on sketchbook covers.  Lance has his own comic book called The Wicked Wabbit, he is also working on a comic book titled The Eagle.  

The Nasty Boys

Tag team wrestling legends Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags are The Nasty Boys.  Having held the World Tag Team Championship  title and starting the hard-hitting, unpredictable, and just plain nasty trend.

Rocky “Soulman” Johnson 

Rocky Johnson is a retired Canadian professional wrestler and a member of the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame. A former Golden Gloves boxing champion, whose sparring partners included Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, Johnson began his professional wrestling career in 1964 and went on to capture numerous regional championships throughout the NWA territories, before entering the WWF/E and; along with Tony Atlas,  capturing the WWF World Tag Team Championship from the Wild Samoans, to become the first black World Tag Team Champions.

Steve Lydic

Steve Lydic is a traditional colorist who has colored transformers #1 and G.i.joe #266. He has worked for various trading card companies, and will be available to take commissions. 

John Crowther

John Crowther is a comic book writer and creator based in Central Florida. His titles include Rochelle, Exciting Comics, Turnbuckle Titans, Horror Comics, and Magazine for Antarctic Press, as well as a series of authorized biographical wrestling comics for Squared Circle Comics, for such legendary performers as Bruno Sammartino, Nikolai Volkoff, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Lanny Poffo, the Killer Bees, and the Rock ‘n Roll Express.

Richard Rivera

Richard Rivera, comic book creator and writer, is a native Floridian based in the Orlando area. Comic Books have been his obsession since the age of five. Writing stories in the medium he loves is a dream come true.After years of selfpublishing, Richard was added to the Scout Comics’ team in 2017,and his series, Stabbity Bunny,with artwork by Dwayne Biddix, was released by Scout in 2018. Since then, Scout has added two more series created by RichardStabbity Ever Aftewith Ryan Kincaid, and Shadow Plawith Alex Lobato. Clara Meath is the artist on Shadow Plawith Liezl Buenaventura, the colorist of all three series. Currently, Mr. Rivera has two more titles slated to be released, one in late 2019 and the other in early 2020.


PikaBelleChu has been cosplaying and appearing at cons, official pokemon events, store events, parades, car shows and also does charity appearances for children at hospitals and schools since 2000, most known for her passion and dedication to Pokemon with over 80 cosplays she has created and a Guinness World Record of the most collectables of Pikachu at over 21,000 she has appeared in numerous forms of media from magazines to tv for her continuing passion for the electric mouse from Japan. When not appearing at events she paints murals and teaches children art at local craft stores.

The IroneVette

The IronVette custom Corvette will be on display at The Ininity Toy and Comic Convention.

Agents of SLABS

Will be at the convention.


Celebrating the “Avengers: Endgame” BLU-RAY™ release.

Participate in the “Search for the Infinity Stones” Scavenger Hunt on Saturday Aug 24th to win “Avengers: Endgame” prizes.

The “Avengers: Endgame” BLU-RAY™ will be playing during the convention.

For more information on the BLU-RAY™ and Digital Release of “Avengers: Endgame” visit:

Vendors and Artists

Information will be updated as we get closer to the convention date.


Osceola Heritage Park

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