Infinity Convention

August 22-23, 2020


Weekend Pass $25 : One Day Ticket $15 : Kids 10 and Under FREE

Additional Information as the Date Approaches


Jae Lee

Eisner Award winning comic book artist having worked on Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Batman/Superman, Spider-Man and more.

Jeff Balke

An entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, colorist and producer/director. Created his own animation studio, Jeff Balke Studios.

MZ Cosplay

Cosplayer known for portraying Rocket Raccoon. Enjoys working with other cosplayers exchanging tips and tricks.


The “Search for the Infinity Stones” Scavenger Hunt Returns!

Saturday Aug 22th and Sunday Aug 23rd find one of the stones to win prizes.

Remember, the stones will be hidden “in plain sight” during the event.

Costume Contest

Aug 22th and 23rd 2020 at 3 PM.

  • Adult Winner receives $150 INFINITY BUCKS.
  • Kids Winner receives $75 INFINITY BUCKS.

*INFINITY BUCKS can be used for purchases at the show.

Sunday Aug 23rd only, the 7th Stone will be in play until found.

The prizes within the chest will increase as the event date approaches.

Finding the 7th stone will win the prize chest and all items contained within the chest.

The stone will be hidden “in plain sight“, but will be moved on occasion until found.

Osceola Heritage Park

1875 Silver Spur Ln, Kissimmee, FL 34744